Have you spotted the dark home trend? We think it’s fabulous. Pairing up beautiful wood effect floor tiles with black cupboards and white fixtures looks amazing.

For a long time the dark trend was seen as very daring and many people were worried it would make their home too dark. If combined with lighter, bright or sparkly elements a dark room transforms into a dramatic and cosy room. Plus bright, colourful accessories really pop in dark rooms.

Dark rooms are great for busy rooms. Furniture blends into the walls and cables are practically invisible, great for a living room. For a long time we were taught that painting a room magnolia or white would brighten the room, but this is only really the case if there is already light to bounce around it. Also, depending on if you’re feeling brave or not, you could just paint or tile one feature wall a dark colour and have the rest of the room in a lighter tone.

The most popular dark colour currently is a dark, inky blue and looks stunning paired up with a jungle or bottle green.