Rhombus tiles

In the last 6 months we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of Rhombus tiles. They can create fantastic effects and you can create such beautiful unique patterns. They are now available in a range of colours and some even have lovely offer a range of patterns. They are perfect for making a statement wall and creating eye-catching floor patterns in any room. You could bunch them together in hexagon patterns to create a completely different style.

There are so many variations you can make with these tiles can truly make your creative side go wild whilst combining your favourite colours, patterns and textures. If you’re thinking of renevating your home then these are a must-have tile and they can be paired up with classic, timeless metro tiles.

Rhombus tiles – Inspirations

Take a look below at our Rhombus tiles inspiration.

black grey and white bathroom tiles
Pair Rhombus tiles up with classic, timeless Metro tiles for an eye-catching effect.
black rhombus tiles
Create a stylish, sleek look in your office with black Rhombus tiles
grey white and black rhombus tiles
Create zones in your home with Rhombus tiles in hexagon patterns.
rhombus kitchen
Create a practical and gorgeous splash back in your kitchen with a unique arrangement of Rhombus tiles.
taupe green rhombus tiles
Creating unique tile arrangements to draw attention to areas
taupe grout rhombus tiles
Simple parallel patterns in different colours with a contrasting gorgeous paint create a stunning visual effect in this hallway.

Our featured range in this post is, of course, our amazing Rhombus range.

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