Marble Tiles

Marble is pictured as an iconic and classic stone. Marble has often been used to create gorgeous sculptures, due to it being quite soft and not easily shattered. Greek and Roman sculptors and architects have historically used marble to show a refined tasted and has become a cultural symbol of tradition. Marble has beautiful rich veins which are beautiful and unique. It comes in a variety of colours, from light to dark, and depending on it’s use can create different moods in a home.

For quite some time Marble has been making a come back in homes, despite some saying it was on it’s way out. We think it still works hugely in large open bathrooms as it is timeless and majestic. Using white marble in large bathrooms creates a deluxe and grand feeling and with well placed windows or lighting it can help flood the room with light. Marble tiles help create a glorious serenity and relaxing experience. Interior designers often use white marble tiles to create light in a room and creamy, beige marble tiles to add warmth to a room.

Real marble comes with a few downsides such as the maintenance, it has to be sealed yearly to avoid scratches and moisture damage. Plus without proper cleaning it can stain. Also Marble is well known to be expensive. We have a number of cheaper and stunning tile options available, including Imperial and Palace Carrara, which can help you create a spa-like experience in your home. Bathrooms are very versatile, you could create a focal point with marble tiles featured on just one wall around the bath or shower, or you could tile an entire room to create a grand and tranquil experience.

Here are some inspirational Marble bathrooms:

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