Tile Laying Patterns

Do you know what tile laying patterns you’ll choose? There are plenty of options which have different effects on your home design. Tiles are a hard-wearing option for floors, but as well as this they can make a beautiful statement in your home. There are so many patterns you can lay your tiles in and create a completely unique arrangement that is eye-catching in your home. How you lay your tiles can change your view on an entire room. Tiles can being used to create areas and boundaries in an open plan room or to create continuity on different levels of your home.

Inspirational Tile Patterns

Here are a few examples of classic tile patterns and examples of our tiles in situ.

Herringbone Tile Pattern

Herringbone Tile Pattern

Here we’re featuring our stunning Provence range, the beautiful selection of colours we offer means you can create a unique herringbone pattern in your home.

Linear Tile Pattern

Linear Tile Pattern

A linear tile pattern is quite often the go to tile pattern, with gorgeous tiles this pattern can be a really eye-catching feature of a room. Click here for our black floor tiles range.
Small Format Brick Bond

Small Format Brick Bond Tile Pattern

A pattern often used to portray metro tiles, this gorgeous small format brick bond tile pattern is perfect. Featured tiles – Normandy White
Block Herringbone

Block Herringbone Tile Laying Patterns

On walls or floors the block herringbone tile pattern is a real head turner. Featured tiles – Woodstock Noce

These are just a few of the patterns you can lay your tiles in, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in contact – contact@grouttiles.com

When ordering tiles, make sure to add an extra 10-20% to your order just incase of breakage, miscalcualtion or depending on the layout you are using.

You can order 3 FREE tile samples from our website here: https://www.grouttiles.com/shop/free-samples/