New year, new bathroom?

What bold styles are you thinking of trying this year in your bathroom? There are so many things you could do to update your bathroom, big and small jobs. If you’re looking for something small to update then simple things like toothbrush holders or even new taps, add pops of colour, shimmer and sparkle with these little accessories. Or if you’re thinking of doing something a bit more dramatic, here are some bathroom tile colour schemes we think you’ll love!

Colour pops

While white tiles are still one of the most popular colour choices for a bathroom, you can easily transform it with little splashes of  colour. Pair up a white, grey or black with a sexy warm colour or a bright colour. You could add character by adding a border on your walls which match your accessories. You could also update any existing furniture, such as painting shelves or cupboards.

Gold, copper and brass

For many years we’ve been styling our bathroom with chrome accessories but 2017 and 2018 are the years of copper, gold and brass! The metallic trio have gradually been taking over homes all over. Starting with beautiful little accessories and moving up to coffee tables, etc and more. They bring a warm and glamorous feel to a room, but be careful not to use too much! Too much can make a room look a little bit tacky. However, like the little pops of colour, you can add a bit of charm to your bathroom with a stunning golden border, accessories, mirrors and even faucets.

Dark shades

This one is definitely for the brave! You could introduce a dark colour to your walls and floors. You can combine dark walls and floors with bright white fixtures. For a jungle vibe try adding some greenery, and if you’re not great with real plants there are so many stunning realistic faux plants available. Or how about pairing up black or dark grey furniture and fixtures with our heritage range floor tiles and bright white walls to create an industrial style.

Soft palette

It might be more your style to create a relaxed and calm space with a softer, lighter colour palette. Our Provence range has a small but gorgeous variety of pastel tiles, they are beautifully textured to add dept to your bathroom. The pastel blue tile almost looks like calm waves of an ocean.

Boutique Style

Wouldn’t you love to have your own sanctuary? Choose tiles in soft and neutral colours and combine these with clean, clear worktops and smooth white fixtures. Our Paris, Calabria or Seville ranges are smooth and soft in colour. Use a freestanding bath to create a grand and elegant room. Large marble tiles are iconic, luxurious and really classy, they have a silky smooth texture perfect for a clean and relaxing environment.

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