Metro Tile – Brick Style

The Metro tile, or otherwise known as Subway tile, originally used on the walls of the London Underground and New York City Subway since the early 1900s. The Metro tile is known for the iconic slim rectangular shape often with a bevelled edge that it has sported for many years. In the last two years the tile has shot to fame and is still increasing in popularity. They are often depicted in their iconic white tile, creating a modern and elegant look, with a contrasting black, grey or coloured grout.

Metro tiles are perfect for adding a gorgeous classic vintage feel to your home. There are so many options that you can create a unique and personalised feel for your home or workplace, such as whether it’s the colours or the layout. Just as we have seen in interior wall painting, dark colours have started to make a strong showing in Metro tiles.

Now it is not all about the colour of a Metro tile or the colour grout used. Due to the simplicity of design and shape, and that it is (relatively!) easy to lay, these tiles are often placed in different patterns. Such as vertically, herringbone, diagonal and even with a variety of tile sizes.

Metro Tile Inspiration

Are you looking for metro tile inspiration for your home? Here are a few of our gorgeous metro tiles in action. These tiles are so versatile they can easily be displayed in an array of patterns.

Cream Metro TilesSage Metro TilesWhite Metro TilesLight Grey Metro TileBurgundy Metro TilesWhite Metro Tiles

See our metro tiles range here: Metro tile ranges

We have a great range of Metro Tile colours from Bottle Green to Burgundy and we even have the classic tile in Cream and White.

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