Hotel Style Bathroom Inspiration

Create your very own hotel style bathroom. From stunning marble effect tiles to wooden features and fluffy robes, we’ve put together a list of some of the items we think you could boost your bathroom to 5* hotel style bathroom radiance.

You can create your very own hotel style bathroom in your home with eye-catching changes and simple luxurious items. We’re thinking fluffy bathmats, classy toiletries, floor to ceiling tiles and cosy bathrobes. From small touches to larger touches you can emanate luxury hotel style bathroom.

Putting together a hotel style bathroom will be about the finer finishes such as easy to maintain tiles, gleaming fixtures and classic accessories.

similar to large palace white tile

Marble effect tiles and wooden features are a match made in heaven. The tiles are simple, bright, classic, timeless, the list goes on! The wooden features bring in a spa-like element. You could add in some real (or fake) flowers to make your hotel style bathroom really pop with extravagance at a small price tag. Subtle wooden accents in flooring, countertops or accessories brings warmth and texture to your bathroom.

If you were to opt for wood effect flooring you would benefit to a very easy to maintain look. Real wooden flooring requires you to protect and seal it very often, to protect it from water or even toothpaste and soaps. With wood effect flooring you would just need to wash it every so often with a floor cleaning solution and water.

Whether your bathroom is large or small you would definitely be able to achieve a hotel style bathroom with large format tiles from the floor to the ceiling. Create zones with different coloured or types of tiles. 

 similar to palace white tile

Soft, clean, fluffy bathrobes are a must. They make you feel like you’ve just entered a spa, in your own home! You could hang them on a fancy hanger on the back of your bathroom door. You could even name the hangers with chalk, so if you have guests you can make them feel pampered too. 

similar to bologna black wall tilesThis may like a simple one but another way to make your hotel style bathroom perfect you should clena your bathroom fixtures, mirrors, etc so they are crystal clear and sparkling.

Warm, fluffy towels. A simple, high quality towel makes all the difference after bathing. You should aim to get towels that match your decor. If you opt for a coloured tiles make a note that they will eventually fade. If you opt for white towels you can keep them looking crisp by bleaching them in the future if necessary. 

Every hotel bathroom has the biggest and cosiest towels to hide in. If you can, invest in a stunning matching set of Egyptian cotton towels. Throw in a heated towel rail to your list of home must haves as well, then when you vacate the shower you will have comfy warm towel to dry off on. 



similar to prismatics old lace satin

Hexagon tiles are a must-have this year. They’re trendy, quirky and make a stunning feature. You could opt for an all white scheme or throw in a couple of coloured hexagons to match your colour theme. 

similar to perugia black tiles

Go metallic. Metallic brass and gold features are very stylist and add some extravagance to your hotel style bathroom. If you want a to add some textures you could choose some hammered brass accessories. 

similar to westminster silver oak tiles

A simple way to create your hotel style bathroom is fancy toiletries. Purchase fancy looking toiletries or even fancy accessories to decant your cheaper products into. 

similar to lagos beige mosaic

If you have room a freestanding bath and mosaic tiles go hand in hand. They are eye-catching, distinct and are a perfect addition in a hotel style bathroom. 

similar to brindisi dark grey