22 Home Improvement Ideas

How many home improvement ideas do you have? We’ve put together a list of some great tasks to update your home. Below are a range of easy and quick tasks to tasks that could take an afternoon or weekend.

Our Home Improvement Ideas

Home Improvement Ideas

  1. Add Felt pads to furniture to protect flooring
    Make your flooring last longer, protect it with felt pads on your flooring. For tiles this is less of an issue as they are great, hard wearing flooring.
  2. Add more outlets for laptops and chargers
    With technology taking over the world, a really handy task is to add more outlets for your technology. You can even purchase outlets with USB ports now which a really handy.
  3. Add some low maintenance plants
    Don’t have a green thumb? Choose some low maintenance plant options like cactus to brighten up your home and create a nice nature look.
  4. Change your cushions
    For a quick and easy update in your living room you could change the cushions on your sofa. Changing the colours could change the look and feel of the room completely. If you wanted to keep your current ones, but they’re looking a little squished, you could also restuff your cushions.

change your lampshades

  1. Change you lampshades
    Over time lampshades can become discoloured or very dusty, update them with new covers or purchase new ones to fit in with a new colour theme .
  2. Change you light bulbs to energy saving LED bulbs
    Save energy and make your lights a consistent colour by updating them all.
  3. Modernise your light switches
    Something that doesn’t always get the care they deserve is a light switch. They’re used so often but are often overlooked. They’re easy to update and you can change them to modernise a room or you could get a more traditional style.
  4. Declutter your kitchen
    Usually the hub of a home, the kitchen is easy to get cluttered with cool gadgets to make life easier. But how often do you use all your gadgets? Decluttering will make it easier to find the tools you do use and will feel like a new room.

easy to c

  • Renew your flooring
    This is one of the larger home improvement ideas, depending on the size of your room. Rooms with a lot of use, such as a hallway, need a really hard wearing flooring option. Carpets can become grubby, laminate can become scratches, but of course you also don’t want to sacrifice style or personality. We have a range of beautiful tiles which are hard wearing and very easy to clean. Really popular at the moment are our wood effect tiles which look realistic and stunning.
  • Get rid of unwanted stuff
    We’ve recently put together a great blog post about decluttering your home. See our quick, big impact ideas here – decluttering your home.
  • Create “rooms” within a large room
    Break up a large room with rugs or different flooring. We love to see combinations of our wood effect tiles for living areas and our gorgeous rhombus tile range for kitchen/dining areas.
  • New door numbers and knocker
    Create a new experience for you and your guests.

new shower nozzle

  1. New shower nozzle
    Having lovely shower to start your day can put you in a great mood. Overtime, if not properly taken care of, shower heads can become covered in limescale or grimmy. Have a good clean and it’ll feel like new or alternatively buy a big new beautiful one.
  2. Refresh your towels
    This is one of our quickest home improvement ideas. New towels can make your new bathing experience feel really luxurious and fresh. 

refresh your towels

  1. Revive a dated fireplace with new tiles and paint
    Fireplaces are often the centrepiece of a room (these days it can end up being televisions/technology) but if your fireplace is still the centre of attention, a great afternoon task would be to update you fireplace with new tiles and a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Update tassels and tiebacks
  3. Add more photographs to your collection
    Update images of you and your loved ones in your photo galleries.
  4. Update your bathroom accessories toothbrush holder
    Introduce new colours and textures into your bathroom

update your splashback

  1. Update your kitchen splashback
    You can add new colours to your kitchen without having to update the whole room.
  2. Upgrade your cookware
  3. Upgrade your faucet

WD40 squeaky doors

  1. WD40 squeaky doors
    We’re probably all guilty of leaving a door to squeak, but this is a really easy fix using WD40.

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