Grey Tiles Inspiration

Grey tiles and grey painted walls are the new magnolia or white. Home style trends change constantly, there are some trends that we can see lasting. For example white tiles have been a classic choice for many many years. Over the last couple of years grey tiles have begun to take over everyone’s home.

If you are looking for a rough industrial look or even a chic hotel-style spa bathroom, grey tiles are the perfect accompaniment to these styles. There are plenty of stunning options for you to choose from, such as glossy smooth finishes or rough satin finishes.

Below is a showcase of some of our most popular grey tiles. Grey tiles look amazing no matter the size of your room and don’t be afraid to use large tiles in a small area to create a modern and luxurious room. Did you know you can get free samples of all our tiles?


So what do you think of the grey home movement? Despite whether you love it or hate it, it is here to stay. It’s very fashionable for homes to be filled head to toe with grey features. We have put together some collections of our most popular grey tiles for walls and grey tiles for flooring. Did you know you can order free samples of all our tiles across our website?

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