58 Ideas – decluttering your home

Decluttering your home can be very therapeutic. In a weekend you could make a huge difference to your home and how you feel about your home. We’ve put together a list of what we think are quick wins to achieving a clutter free, happy home. Here are 58 ideas of what to get rid of to achieve a clutter free house:

decluttering your home

  1. Old tea towels
  2. Old jars and tins which you haven’t yet recycled but thought you could make something out of
  3. Anything broken, like crockery
  4. Out of date food in the cupboards
  5. Kitchen gadgets you never use and which are just taking up space.
  6. Anything you have a duplicate of
  7. Cut down on plastic carrier bags
  8. Mugs and glasses, if you have more than the amount of people you will ever host in your home, then cut them down
  9. Anything that is past it’s best in the freezer

decluttering your home in the kitchen

  1. Herbs and spices you never use
  2. Tea/coffee you never drink
  3. Left over alcohol from past parties
  4. Recipe books you don’t use, most recipes are easy to find online
  5. Take away menus, most places are now online so they’re unnecessary
  6. Out of date vouchers that you keep meaning to use
  7. Any plastic storage containers with missing lids
  8. Excess baking trays / saucepans etc… in the kitchen
  9. Anything waiting to be returned to family/friends etc…
  10. Old/broken towels

decluttering your home in the bathroom

  1. Cosmetics, like unloved make up or unwanted gifts.
  2. Out of date medicines
  3. Old/broken linen
  4. Old/broken blankets
  5. Items that you don’t like or give you negative feelings
  6. Clothes that don’t fit or you no longer like
  7. Anything that you didn’t remember was there!
  8. Shoes that you don’t wear anymore or which are broken
  9. Broken socks and tights
  10. Old nail varnish / nail varnish in a colour you don’t wear any longer

decluttering your home in the living room

  1. Cushions/pillows that have lost their plumpness, you could refill them quite easily as a weekend afternoon project
  2. Any clothes that don’t flatter your shape
  3. Accessories that you don’t wear or are rusted or tangled
  4. Excess coat hangers
  5. Thing’s that you keep “just in case”, like buttons, cables, batteries
  6. Old, unloved and forgotten books.
  7. Old magazines
  8. Craft projects/hobbies that you are never going to do
  9. Stationery that is no longer necessary.
  10. Broken games/jigsaws

decluttering your home in the living room

  1. Chargers for technology you no longer own
  2. Old technology you no longer use (like discarded computers/laptops)
  3. Old manuals
  4. Old notebooks that serve no use now.
  5. Memorabilia that doesn’t hold the same value for you any longer
  6. DVDs or CDs you no longer watch or listen too, or even VHS or tapes!
  7. Bad photos you have had developed that you will never want to frame or put in an album
  8. Any junk mail that’s piling up
  9. Greetings cards from past events
  10. Dead plants/flowers

decluttering your home

  1. Sports equipment no longer in use or that is broken
  2. Old calendars and diaries
  3. Decorating tools or paints that you no longer need
  4. Computer games that are no longer played with
  5. Anything already waiting to go to the tip
  6. Any old cards/loyalty cards that you no longer need/use
  7. Anything rubbish hiding in your handbag
  8. Toys that are no longer in use or are broken
  9. Baby clothes – Throw away or give to charity

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